Monday, August 3, 2009

Rainy Rainy Summer in New York!

So, I've been a bit crazy with work, I Freelance for MAC and someone was out on Disability so I had a ton of yet again it has died down!

I just saw the movie Funny People with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen. It was funny, but a bit long. They could have cut some stuff out!

I am still working on updating my website and I am in the process of putting together a new makeup website too! As soon as that is up and running I'll update!

I did some cupcakes for Akynos' bday party in the city a few weeks ago so you will find some photos of those cupcakes below and I also did party favors for my friend Ann's baby shower last week.

This week coming up is Betsey Johnson's Birthday Bash! I will be at the Roosevelt Field Mall Wednesday night with FREE mini Glittle Cupcakes from about 6pm on...and I will be at the Betsey Johnson Outlet Store in Deer Park NY on Saturday sometime! So come down and get some FREE CUPCAKES!!!! I'll be there of course! So come so hi!!!!

I'm also working on some more upcoming photoshoots for the cupcake website which I'm really excited about!!! I had a vintage bustier made special for me from the Pink Purse. Check her out! She is absolutely amazing!!! She takes vintage lingerie and slips and does a full makeover! I'm in love with her stuff!!!! Can't wait to do this shoot!

I'm still unpacking my new place and still need to go through all my stuff! I have to get rid of so much clothing and other items. I'll probably be posting it on ebay soon so I'll send a link when I do!!!

This is Nicole I did her Makeup Last week!

This is Zeus. He's the Love of my life! You can come hang out with him on Wednesday Night at Betsey Johnson too! <3

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