Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 is almost coming to a Close.

Hope everyone has had a great holiday season thus far!!! We have been super busy working on cupcakes this whole month! We had a great even with Juicy Couture in Bloomingdales in Huntington, NY and we also had one at Sephora in Huntington as well! Enjoy some of the photos from the events!

We have a lot of great things planned for the new year! So keep checking back for more updates!

As most of you may know I'm also a professional make up artist. This season has been a bit crazy and I am now a permanent Artist with MAC cosmetics. I have been freelancing with them for over a year and a half. But now I have a new home where I am always! In a week I will be in NYC for the entire week for some training with them which I'm super excited about. So check back on this blog for make up tips as well! If you ever have any questions just ask!

I'm also super excited because I'll finally be getting my nails done with the Japanese Nail Art which is known in LA way more than here in NY. Miss Gala Darling and I have been on the search for a nail place for the past few months and she finally found somewhere called Valley Nails so I will be joining her one day to get our nails done together!

In other news my pole is finally up in my new apt. It only took like 8 months! But I'm so excited to practice my tricks and work out again! If you live on Long Island check out CatWalk Fitness. Cathy is amazing and gives a great Pole Dancing Workout Class! Love her!!!

And Check out Glittle Cupcakes !!!! Our Website is now pretty much complete!!! We're still working out a few kinks but its almost complete!!! xox.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful for Gum Drops, Cupcakes, & Getting over Influenza!

Alright in the effort to keep updating this thing has been harder than planned! A lot has been going on! So Let's get down to it!

I hope everyone has had a Warm, Healthy, & Blessed Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for all the wonderful people in my life. I'm thankful for my kitties and my pup Zeus, my family, my amazing boyfriend, & my incredible friends.

The shoe modeling with Isobella Jade went awesome. Below are some photos from that!

I unfortunately came down with the flu and last minute had to cancel the Betsey Johnson Event I had planned in Deer Park. I am so sorry to all of you who thought you were going to get some Glittle Cupcakes! I didn't want to infect anyone with my sickness!!!! Which I'm still getting over!

I want to give a shout out to my MAC girlies...especially Miss Daniella & Sabrina. These two ladies are amazing and I couldn't thank them more for what they did for me last week. They believe in me and are incredible women! Love you! With that I finally got hired permanent at MAC in the Smithaven Mall at Macy's! =] yay!!!! I'm so grateful to have a position with this company!

I'm working on more photo concepts for GC as we speak. The new site should be complete within the week I hope!

Glittle Cupcakes will be at Bloomingdales in Huntington NY @ 1pm
FREE CUPCAKES at the JUICY COUTOURE Fragrance Counter (while supplies last)

****SATURDAY, DECEMEBER 19TH, 2009****
Glittle Cupcakes will be at SEPHORA in Huntington NY 2pm-4pm
FREE CUPCAKES will be given out as well as a fun little make up party!
It's gonna be a blast this event is based on GC so come down, say hi & get glammed up before the holidays! <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">I also did Aley's Make Up! <3. style="text-align: center;">
Here are some photos from Dr. Sketchy with Tara McPherson.
Lastly here are some pix from Halloween! I know its so late!!! Enjoy!

I love that Sephora is now carrying a UK based line of make up its awesome! Check it out! illamasqua

And on last note- i LOVE LADY GAGA. She is incredible! Enjoy her 'Bad Romance' video-She's just Brilliant.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Petite Model-Fashion Warrior= Isobella Jade!

Once again sorry for the lack of updates! This is going to be a quick one and there will be another one shortly after with photos from some events that have passed!

Tomorrow I will be in NYC giving out FREE Glittle Cupcakes to Everyone who comes to Isobella Jade's book signing for her new Graphic Novel called: "Model Life- The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior" (Which is incredible by the way! I picked my copy up the other day from Barnes & Norble and you should too!)

She is amazing! Isobella is a Petite Model that devotes a lot of her time to helping out other woman who are short understand and learn that you CAN model if you are under 5'7!

If you don't know I am 5'0. Yes I'm super short! But most of the time I forget! It's all about confidence! You can never give up on your hopes or dreams! No matter how many times you get rejected in life. Whether it be modeling, music, getting a job, Persistence is the Key....My dad always said this to me since the time I was very young. If you want something bad enough, you work hard for it and never give up you'll find a way to achieve your dreams!

Isobella also has a radio show she does and tonight she interviewed all the models for tomorrow's event! You can check it out here and listen to our lovely interview & advice to Petite aspiring models!

So if you are in the city tomorrow night come say Hi! I'll also be Modeling shoes for her live event at MercBar in SoHo. A lot of great people will be there including Photographer Robert Milazzo Who will be taking photos of the models!(I'll also be doing the makeup as well-Nothing like multi-tasking! I mean I get to do EVERYTHING I love all in one night!) It should be an awesome time! I hope to see you there!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Leaves Are Changing Colors & So is my Life....

Hello all you October Gobblins!
Sorry it has been awhile in my updates. A lot has happened to me in the past few weeks.
So This is going to be a long post. I apologize and intend to keep up with the posts on a regular basis from now on!
Today I went into the PINK store in Roosevelt Field and they had cupcake undies! This pretty much made my day! Check em out! ♥


On a sad note if you have been reading my blog you know about my dog Zeus and you also knew about my cat Indiana Jones (my boyfriend). They are the loves of my life! Suddenly, a week ago on Saturday October 10th, Indiana had a stroke and passed away. He was the best cat ever and I miss him to pieces. He was like a human to me some people don't understand these things if they never had an animal but he was the best....He was only 3...I just wanted to dedicate this to him...for every person he touched and said hello to in my life they know what an amazing creature he was and that he is watching down on me and everyone else in kitty heaven. RIP Indy I'll always love you and I miss you terribly.

♥ *October 2006-October 2009* ♥


On a lighter note a lot has been going on with Glittle Cupcakes! You can now go pick up a cupcake or two or three at Javalicious in Stewart Manor, NY which is right outside Garden City in between Floral Park & Franklin Square. It's located on 98 Covert Avenue. If you have any questions please let me know!

In the previous weeks I had made some cupcakes for an event at DIOR in Roosevelt Field. Below are some photos from that.

Upcoming is Halloween which most of you know I am also a Professional Make Up artist and I am taking appointments right now so please let me know if you are interested in having your make up done for Halloween! For those of you that don't know this is my favorite holiday ever! and this year I am going to be a Peacock! I still am in the process of putting together my head piece I can not wait!

Yesterday i was supposed to do a photo shoot for the website but I had a bit of a set back only because on Sunday I woke up with Pink Eye. So not cool...but its pretty much cleared up now and that's what is most important! Next week I plan on taking that photo!

~I will be at Dr. Sketchy this Saturday, October 24th, 2009 at the Slipper Room.

~After that November is booking up with Isobella Jade's "Model Life" Party which Glittle Cupcakes will be at and also I will be modeling for! =] There will also be a radio show the day prior to that...will keep you updated!

~In December there is going to be an event at Sephora in Walt Whitman based on Glittle Cupcakes and I! Super excited about that more details to come soon!

~In January 2010 I will be donating Glittle Cupcakes to a Breast Cancer Fundraiser. More to come with that as well...when we get closer!

I also may be at Betsey Johnson in Deer Park again towards the end of November early December!

If you would like to book an event with me please contact me! I'm always willing to do them!

Other than that I never made it to Paula Deen! I was sad but she wasn't doing a signing like I thought it was! I was kinda bummed! I've been doing a lot of Makeup of weddings too and I've been at MAC quite often which was why there was a lack of updates!

In the past month we had a few events at MAC and here are just some pix from well as me pretending I'm Victoria Beckham at work heh. not so much haha!

(P.S. no one told us that we had to wear these shirts last weekend so I was wearing a dress..i so wished i had leggings on that day b/c i felt like it looked ridiculous...ah well)

Everyone should go out and support Breast Cancer! This Month is Breast Cancer Month just incase you didn't know. I'm rocking a pink hair extension all month in my support!

On a different note I always catch people taking pix of my car with their camera phones a little over a month ago I caught a Suffolk County Cop take one. So this is why:

I need to learn Italian...Rosetta Stone is so expensive! Anyone have any suggestions!!!???

Be well and healthy! Try and stay warm in this crazy cold weather we are getting now here in NY!

My cousin and her friend on her bday enjoying Glittle Cupcakes! xox.