Thursday, July 16, 2009

Photo's From Molly Crabapple's Book Signing! Plus--

Some photos of me in my new apt! here's a preview of an idea i have for a shoot I am working on! Enjoy! Molly's book is awesome you should pick one up! They are available on but I believe they sold out again so just check back! The cupcakes I made were cinnamon cake with vanilla Frosting and Red Hots! :)

♥ Love, Sprinkles, & Cupcakes ♥

Little Miss Ashley


  1. Oh my god those cupcakes were so good!!

  2. i NEED to know wher eu got that couch!! its beautiful! u look gorgg ash!

  3. thanks ang! lots of searching thats how i found it! Craigslist baby! got so damn lucky!!! xox