Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cupcakes Cupcakes CUPCAKES!

So I've been doing a bit of running around lately between freelancing for MAC and baking cupcakes...you know just life! I'm working on the website right now and did a photoshoot of a handful of cupcakes that will be posted soon! Here's a sneak peak!

This weekend I also donated 6 dozen to Dr. Sketchy's -SketchyCon. Pix from that to come soon!

Stay Tuned for more!!!

♥ Love, Sprinkles, & Cupcakes ♥

Little Miss Ashley

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Betsey Johnson Obsession...

Evening Two Of Hearts Strapless Dress

Betsey Johnson
Evening Striped Ombre Teen Vogue Dress
back zipper closure sash detail length: 30" from top to bottom100% silkdry clean only domestic

So this is kinda my thing...when you see me with cupcakes most of the time I am wearing a dress like the ones listed above...If anyone wants to contribute to my dress fund please let me know!!! These two are so cute!

In Glittle Cupcake news....this past weekend I made a few dozen cupcakes...I perfected my pbj and cotton candy cupcakes...and I promised my brother Austin I would make him some Strawberry Shortcake ones...most of my weekend was taken up by freelancing for MAC....if you didn't know I'm also a professional makeup artist!

I have a handful of events coming up which is very exciting! As well as working on my website! Hopefully another photoshoot in the works in the next two weeks! This weekend coming up, I'm doing another Dr. Sketchy Anti-Art School for Miss Molly Crabapple. It's not an ordinary meet up though. You see her idea started here in NYC and then moved throughout the country and then throughout the world! Which is quit inspiring and gives other young woman like myself fuel to burn our fires. To see that she created something and it spread and became so big just shows that if you put your mind to it anything can happen! She's only a year older than I am so that gives me hope in this harsh world we live in!

I'll post some photos of my cotton candy cupcakes probably tomorrow!!!

♥ Love, Sprinkles, & Cupcakes ♥

Little Miss Ashley

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Photos From the Betsey Johnson Event!

Despite the awful rainstorm we had...it was a pretty good turn out! Everyone seemed to enjoy my Betsey Johnson themed cupcakes! Thanks so much to Christina at Betsey! And thank you to everyone who came out and tasted my cupcakes!!!

Stay tuned for the next event!!! And more info!!!!

My website is now up but is very simple...working on a more detailed version!

♥ Love, Sprinkles, and Cupcakes ♥

Little Miss Ashley

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Please come check us out this weekend!!! We are giving away FREE CUPCAKES at Betsey Johnson in Deer Park NY at the Tanger Outlets! Until Every Crumb has been eaten! Come and have a Taste!

It's Great to Be Oh So Deliciously Naughty!!!

Email Us if you have any Questions!!! glittle.cupcakes@gmail.com

♥ Love, Sprinkles, & Cupcakes ♥

Little Miss Ashley

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Posh Life~

A lot of people have been asking me about where I got my cell phone cover! So here it is! The fabulous Tori Torres from Posh Life did my cupcake cell phone cover! She has amazing covers on her website! Please go check it out...so also does customize! Thanks Tori! You're amazing!!!

♥ Love, Sprinkles, & Cupcakes ♥

Little Miss Ashley

Cupcakes Take the Cake Post!!!

Check out more from the Dr. Sketchy's and Cupcakes Take the Cake Blog wrote up about Glittle Cupcakes this past weekend!!!!

♥ Love, Sprinkles, & Cupcakes ♥