Friday, August 14, 2009

Mini Cupcakes/Birthday Parties/+ Upcoming Projects!

Today I woke up and did a photoshoot for my make-up website which I've been redoing for a few months now with my web designer.... that should be up and running soon!! We are also still working on adding more pages to the Glittle Cupcakes website as well!
Yesterday I babysat my little munchkin Presley! We went to Hecksher Park and played on the swings! Below is a photo of this Birthday cake from last weekend as well as another photo of his mommy Jenny and I and Presley and I again!

Last Saturday I did a Betsey Johnson event at the outlet in Deer Park and also at the Boutique in Roosevelt Field! There are some pictures below of that as well!!!

This week coming up is crazy! I'm freelancing the next two days at the MAC Store at the Smithhaven mall...If you're in the area come by and say hi!!! Sunday I have a cupcake order...Monday I have a lunch meeting with my friend Angela and also to discuss a possible huge cupcake order!!! I also had an interview last week for another job so we will see! Thursday & Friday I am freelancing at the MAC Store in Smithhaven again...the release of the new line comes out! I can NOT wait! there are going to be 5 techkohl eyeliners in amazing colors! Plus 4 Pigments and 4 reflects glitter pots! AND there will also be these made up eye shadow palettes which are gorgeous! The only down side of being a make up artist and freelancing for this line is that every month they come out with something new and fun and I want everything then!

There may be free cupcakes one of the days check back and I'll keep you posted! Saturday morning I have a wedding to do and then there will be another Cupcake event at the Benefit Counter in Roosevelt Field...I'll update with more specifics later in the week! There is a brand new Brow Bar there and its amazing! Jenny does the eyebrows there and she is incredible!

I will keep you posted on events coming up at the end of the week! Til Then-Everyone Enjoy this lovely weekend ahead!!!

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