Monday, January 25, 2010

Magical Mondays.

Hello All,

I have decided to take a new approach to this blog and add somethings. I read Gala Darling's Icing Weekly and I have decided to spin off some of her ideas and create my own.

So every Monday you can Look for Magical Mondays. This will be a blog post about anything that inspires me or I find creative or interesting and want to share. It may also include fashion. Just will be chock full of great things!

Gala Also does a post every Thursday and its become a phenomenon. Lots of people make their own lists and she calls it 'Things I love Thursdays.' So you can look for that post as well because I will also now carry on my own list of things I love right now in my life every Thursday!

Lastly, there will be Frosting Fridays! Anything I feel dealing with cupcakes or whimsical fun imaginative things will be posted on this day! So Stay tuned for these new fun updates that I will be having. I hope you'll all enjoy them!

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