Sunday, September 20, 2009

It is Officially Almost Fall!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been a bit overwhelmed lately!

RIP Patrick Swayze. =[

First off lets just talk about the VMA's. This is old news by now but I just need to comment on Kanye... That was plain awful. Beyonce was very Classy and gave Taylor Swift a second chance. Thank you for that. My Favorite comment was Obama calling him a Jackass. I heard that on the radio. And He thought he was off the record, and a reporter tweeted it, then the audio was released and never was supposed to be. Amazing. Uh Lady GaGa went a bit over board... I get her artistic point in her song...wish she would have done something more up beat though. Daniella and I recreated the GaGa eye at MAC last week...Picture Below. Michael Jackson tribute-phenominal.

Incase you didn't know! Barnes & Noble has a whole bunch of books and things! Check it out! Classic Movie! I simply love that one! How could you not?!

YellowGoat is having a give away right now to her Etsy shop! I love her work! and I'm dying for her Polaroid Ring! Click on the link and fill out her short survey and you will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to her store!

I just got finished baking some cupcakes! Did some Cherry Pie ones! yay! Have to bake some more in the am! Looks like Glittle Cupcakes may be sold in a Cafe soon! Fingers crossed! Super Excited! I'll keep you all up to date!

As for my week coming up it is a bit busy! Paula Deen (LOVE HER!) is coming to Huntington Village, NY on Tuesday and I am going to go meet her! I'm going to bring her some of my cupcakes! I really hope she likes them! I have another order on Tuesday as well..moving along! =]

This weekend was a bit crazy doing a lot of Make Up! On Saturday morning I drove out to NYC to do a make up for a Body Building competition. I had never been before! It was definetly an experience! I had a shoot earlier in the week for a Security company, we did all corporate portraits! Those guys were nice to work with!

In other new my makeup site is up.... well the coming soon page at least! Please go check it out!
Hopefully soon it will be up!

I will be posting an ad up for HALLOWEEN MAKE UP!
I'm booking now! I am for hire if you want any kind of monster/ghoul/bloody/gore/ you name it i'll create it!

And if you haven't seen yet I now have a facebook so if you have one please add me & add Glittle Cupcakes and become a fan! Thanks so much to all of you for your support! I'm very excited for the future to come!!!

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