Thursday, May 7, 2009

Busy Busy--CTTC Cupcake Social 2.0

So I've been a bit all over the place lately! I wanted to share some photos with you of things I've been up to lately as well as cupcakes of course!

Tonight I went into the city and delivered 6 dozen cupcakes to Cupcakes Takes The Cake Cupcake Social 2.0 Literally, the cupcakes were gone in less than 3 minutes! What an experience! I made French Toast, Dirt Cup Cupcakes, PBJ, Pop Rocks, & Ring Pop Cupcakes! Everyone seemed to have enjoyed them!!!

Earlier this week, as most of you know I am also a professional make up artist, I went in to the city to the MAC Pro Store for a seminar. It was held about the film industry with the famous Make Up Artist Ve Neill If you do not know who she is check her out! She is absolutely amazing! If you didn't know I trained in LA for Special Effects Make-Up and prosthetics at the Joe Blasco School of Make-Up...I was in my glory! I asked so many questions! She did make up for all the Pirates of the Carribean, Mrs. Doubtfire, Beetle Juice, Edward Scissor Hands, Smoochie, & Sweeney Todd just to name a few! She has a fabulous Brush line too! I love her brush rolls! They are amazing!

Also last weekend I went to see Lady GaGa with my best friend Jenny. It was incredible! I think she is so talented! It was a ton of fun...although I'm 5 feet tall so whenever I go to a show its so hard for me to see, but I managed! She was great live, and put on a stellar performance! At the end of the show they presented her with her Platinum Record which was really cool...the only thing that kinda was weird was that pretty much everyone that attended the concert dressed like Lady GaGa...think the Madonna craze in the 80's....this time last year no one would dare walk around in a leotard... or with lighting bolts painted on their faces...its amazing how people can't be their own person...but its also insane how someone can inspire you so much you actually want to be them...below is a picture of Lady GaGa singing in a Bubble Costume playing a Bubble Piano while she sang 'PockerFace' acoustically!

I think that is all my updates! Stay tuned for more photos from the Cupcake Social!!!

♥ Love, Sprinkles, & Cupcakes ♥

Little Miss Ashley

P.S. These are the loves of my life....Indiana Jones (my kitty) & Zeus (my yorkie)
I talk about them a I figured I'd really introduce them! xox.


  1. Hi Little Miss Ashley! I love love loved your cupcakes at the social 2.0 the other night. I think the french toast cupcake was the BEST cupcake I have ever had! And that is a huge compliment considering I am a baker and have been to almost every cupcake place in NYC!
    You should check out my blog,
    Keep up the good work!