Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cupcake Dental Floss!!!!

So my boyfriend surprised me with this! I'm so surprised he found it before I did!

you can get it off of

They also have the Cupcake Mints and Cupcake Bandages! Which are awesome!!

♥ Love, Sprinkles, & Cupcakes ♥

Little Miss Ashley


  1. Dude! Those things are awesome, i love things like that. Did you ever try that edible line of moisturizers and such? They used to sel it at sephora and that stuff was addicting. It came in different flavors which were actually good, not like rootbeer or jello. Mor along th lines of sugar cookie or vanilla cake.

  2. haha thanks i know!!!
    i think so weren't they made by jessica simpson?!